You can take the boy out of the Lego, but you can't take the Lego out of the boy.  Building stuff has been a favorite form of play for me since as early as I can remember, and the variety of materials and techniques employed have continued to evolve over the years.  I have, however, recognized one central theme that seems to have woven itself throughout the entirety of my creative explorations: Story.  I'm a junky for it.  Narrative, age, history, tradition, meaning, culture, experience, lineage: these all speak to the riches I see in "story."  Whether it comes freely and flippantly from whatever happens to cross your path, like a penny on a city sidewalk, or is obtained through great efforts and intentions, like the pursuit of the perfect marriage of barrel and grain bill, my craftsmanship must have a story.  These are a sample of my creation experiments and a peak into the stories they tell.

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